..How the TightSpin Trainer Works

The TightSpin Trainer fastpitch softball pitching aid has a brake implanted inside the softball just like the brakes on your car with a steel rotor and brake pad. When you turn the tension adjustment knob clockwise it engages the brake and makes the ball harder to turn. Now you have resistance against turning the ball. You can set this resistance to any level you desire.

If you are working the riseball for example; you would place the ball in the release point, set the resistance level, and then turn the ball in the riseball direction very quickly 25 – 30 times. This will leave your fingers, wrist, and forearm burning. Then you can unloosen all of the resistance and work on speed of spin, this way you work power and speed at the same time.

The TightSpin Trainer fastpitch pitching aid is a motion specific resistance training device. In other words, instead of generically increasing the strength in these muscle areas; you are strengthening them in the exact way that you use them to release the pitch. For example; someone interested in jumping higher would choose to do squats instead of leg extensions even though these two exercises essentially work the same muscles. Why would they choose squats over leg extensions? Because doing squats closely simulates the motion of jumping.

All professional athletes do resistance training in a manner that simulates a specific movement in their sport. This is exactly what the TighSpin Trainer allows you to accomplish – to do resistance training in a way that simulates releasing the different pitches. This will allow you to put more spin on the ball, increase the overall speed of your movement pitches, and strikeout more batters. This is why the TightSpin Trainer is so valuable.

These are some of the reasons that over 250 college softball programs are now using the TightSpin Trainer fastpitch softball pitching aid. Click on the videos tab on the homepage for more info. Here is a typical testimonial that we receive on a weekly basis:

"My 15 year-old daughter started using the TightTpin Trainer in November. She is 15 and was throwing the ball 61 mph, but now throws around 63 mph. In the first HS game of the season, she pitched a no-hitter and struck out 14.
A few days later, she pitched a no-hitter going into the 7th, struck out 20, and won the game. We showed the TightTpin Trainer to Lenny Zerangue, her pitching coach. He couldn't believe the strength and spin she was putting on the ball. Your pitching aid gives her the edge in she needs in her game. I would recommend the TightTpin Trainer to any girl who seriously wants to become a better pitcher" ..............Angie Druhan
TightSpin Trainer

As a fastpitch pitcher, you want your muscle training products to simulate the real motion as much as possible.

The TightSpin Trainer fastpitch pitching aid allows you to do this in regards to the release of the pitch. The release of the pitch is obviously very important. It’s the final action of each pitch – It seals the deal – It’s the icing on the cake – I could go on and on but I’m sure you get the point.

You can do every thing correctly up until the release, but if you foul the release up it all goes for nothing. The release is the nemesis of most fastpitch pitchers.

They’ve got the timing, they’ve got the arm speed, they’ve got the leg drive, but they don’t have enough strength in their fingers, wrists, and forearms to command the ball to do exactly what they want it to do.

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