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The closer a training product can simulate the actual motion used in your sport, the better the results. Professional athletes love training devices that are as close as possible to the actual range of motion used in their sport.

If you were a skier, what would be more beneficial to training the muscles of your legs; doing squats with a couple hundred pounds on the back of your neck, or a training device that allows you to simulate the exact motion of skiing, and at the same time allowing you to adjust the resistance of this natural motion? It’s a no-brainer.

This is why the TightSpin Trainer fastpitch pitching aid is so valuable to you. As a fastpitch pitcher, you want you’re muscle training products to simulate the real motion as much as possible. The TightSpin Trainer allows you to do this in regards to the release of the pitch. The release of the pitch is obviously very important. It’s the final action of each pitch. It seals the deal, it’s the icing on the cake; I could go on and on, but I’m sure you get the point.

You can do everything right up to the release, but if you foul the release up it all goes for nothing. The release is the nemesis of most fastpitch pitchers. They’ve got the timing, they’ve got the arm speed, they’ve got the leg drive, but they do not have enough strength in their fingers, hands, wrists, and forearms to command the ball to do exactly what they want it to do.

This is the problem that the TightSpin Trainer fastpitch softball pitching aid solves. It gives you the strength you need in the exact muscle areas to command the ball to do exactly what you want it to do, and it does this in the exact manner as your natural release. When these things are accomplished, your strikeouts have no choice but to go up!
“"It's been a long, grueling, time consuming, and expensive road for me to actually bring this product to the market place. I know deep down in my heart that I would not have done it if I didn't believe 100% that the TightSpin Trainer fastpitch pitching aid will help fastpitch pitchers improve their movement pitches and thereby increase their strikeouts.

A good fastpitch softball game to me is one where both pitchers strike-out 15 or more batters, not because the hitters are week, but because they have great movement pitches that even the greatest hitters can't touch.”

George Brandt
- Inventor

TightSpin Trainer
One of the most important keys to your fastpitch pitching success is having extremely strong fingers, hands, wrists, and forearms. Some people think you need to be 6 feet tall to be successful in fastpitch pitching. This is simply not true.

Jocelyn Forrest pitched Cal to a Women’s College World Series Championship. Jocelyn is 5’3” tall. However, if you watched that College World Series you could clearly see her tremendous forearm development. You would have also seen that her go to pitch was the riseball which is the hardest pitch to master. She probably threw 60% riseballs. She could not have done this without the great strength that she has in her fingers, hands, wrists, and forearms.

This is one of many illustrations on the importance of developing these muscle areas. Another great pitcher that fits this mold is Lisa Fernandez. Lisa stands at 5’ 6” and has tremendous development in her fingers, hands, wrists, and forearms.

Most fastpitch pitchers don’t fully grasp the importance of working these muscle areas. And for many pitchers, it’s the weak link in their chain. Don’t let it be yours.
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