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In all the years that we’ve been involved with fastpitch pitching, the one thing that sticks out in our minds more than anything else is that fastpitch softball pitchers get to a certain point and they never get any better. What’s even more startling is that they usually hit this wall by their freshman year in high school (sometimes as early as their 8th grade year).

We’ve seen many fastpitch pitchers throwing at speeds in the low to mid sixties at 15 years of age. The problem is that these kids are throwing the same speeds at 18 and their movement pitches move very little, if at all. These pitchers are no better at 18 than they were at 15. Now that they are facing better hitters, they are getting hit very hard. When they were 15 they could blow it by the other 14 and 15 year olds, but at the 18 Gold and 18A levels they are getting hammered! And it gets even worse at the college level.

Our advice to you is “don’t fall into this trap”, and the way to avoid this trap is to learn how to throw movement pitches with great spin and great speed The TightSpin Trainer fastpitch softball pitching aid was specifically designed to help pitchers avoid peaking at 15 and never getting any better.

If you don’t believe that a combination of spin and speed is the secret to dominating hitters at any level, just go look at the NCAA statistics. Cat Osterman is considered by many to be not only the best pitcher in college softball but the best fastpitch pitcher in the world. How does she dominate hitters at any level? She throws movement pitches with tremendous spin and speed. An important point to remember is that she is nowhere near being the fastest pitcher in college softball. However, she has the best combination of speed and spin which is the formula for dominating any hitter at any level.

Still not convinced that a combination of spin and speed is the key to being a truly dominant fastpitch softball pitcher? Take the best hitter you know to a batting cage that has both a single wheel pitching machine and a double wheel pitching machine. Let her hit off the single wheel pitching machine (which will throw pitches straight in) and watch her crush the ball for a few minutes. Then let her hit off the double wheel pitching machine. You can set this machine to throw curves, riseballs, drops, screw, etc. Now the hitter will not even touch the ball. I’ve seen some of the best hitters in the country look like amateurs. Even when you throw them the same pitch over and over they just keep whiffing away. Think about that for a minute. They know exactly what pitch is coming, how fast it’s going to be, where the pitch will start, and where it will end up and they still can’t touch it!

Can you imagine how bad they would look if you could mix these pitches up? This will undoubtedly show you the potential of getting a combination of great spin and speed on your movement pitches. When you go to work on this, you will never get stuck in the rut that 99% of fastpitch pitchers end up in and your strikeouts will go through the roof!

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