Hitters are getting better every year and the number of quality fastpitch pitchers out their compared to the number of quality hitters is rapidly declining. We want to help put the ball back in the pitchers court. When you think of the thousands of dollars that parents spend every year on fastpitch pitching lessons, camps, clinics, etc., you will realize what an unbeatable deal it is to own a TightSpin Trainer.

If your strikeouts have not increased within 90 days, call us and we will give you a full refund and you can keep the TightSpin Trainer as our gift. You will not find this kind of guarantee behind a product anywhere. The reason you find it here is because we are extremely confident that you will be totally satisfied with the results you get from your workouts. You will experience:

1) increased strikeouts
2) increased spin and movement on your pitches
3) increased speed on your movement pitches
4) a product that is built to last your entire fastpitch pitching career ( nobody has been able to break or wear
5) increased strength in your fingers, hands, wrists, and forearms that will benefit you in all phases of your game
6) access to the world’s only spin resistance fastpitch pitching aid
7) a rock solid guarantee

When trying to come up with a price for the TightSpin Trainer, Kristin and I consulted with several marketing experts.

We considered several factors in competitively pricing the TightSpin Trainer at $39.95:
1) patent protection
2) no other fastpitch pitching aid can offer, the thrust bearing technology
3) 90-day no questions asked money back guarantee
4) extreme durability of the product (nobody has been able to break or wear one out yet)
5) quality components

We certainly could have priced the TightSpin Trainer much higher than $39.95 since there is a premium on fastpitch pitching training aids that actually work. We decided to price it at only $39.95 because we want every fastpitch pitcher to be able to afford one. We do not want one fastpitch pitcher to go without the benefits that the TightSpin Trainer will give them.

“The first time I used the TightSpin Trainer I knew it was good because after about 30 seconds my wrist and forearm were burning. I also like it because you can workout your wrist and forearm in the same way that you use them when you are pitching.”

Kassie Stanfill
Beech High School
email: inquire@fastpitching.com
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