The most important asset you can have in fastpitch softball pitching is a combination of speed and movement.

What can hurt you in today’s competitive fastpitch game?

1) If you have a lot of speed and no movement

2) If you have a lot of movement, but no speed

3) When a pitch is thrown with slow speed, the hitter can easily track the ball
....and adjust to the movement.

What you want is a combination of speed and movement.

TightSpin Trainer
checkbox The TightSpin Trainer is a fastpitch softball pitching training aid that is specifically designed to increase the speed and rate of spin on your movement pitches (riseball, dropball, curveball, and screwball.) When you can throw these pitches with the proper spin and speed, your strikeouts per inning pitched will skyrocket!
checkbox The TightSpin Trainers are the only fastpitch pitching aids in the world that trains the muscles of the fingers, hand, wrist, and forearm with adjustable resistance applied to a real softball. With every turn of the ball, you can feel your blood gathering in these specific muscle areas. These muscles are often neglected by fastpitch pitchers.
checkbox The TightSpin Trainer fastpitch pitching aid will greatly increase your strength in these muscle areas.
checkbox The TightSpin Trainer is the only fastpitch pitching device in the world that is guaranteed to increase your strikeouts per inning pitched. here for more info TightSpin Trainer $39.95 purchase online product   TightSpin Trainer Wall/Poll Mount If your strikeouts have not increased within 90 days, call us and we will give you a full refund and you can keep the TightSpin Trainer fastpitch pitching aid as our gift. You will not find this kind of guarantee behind a product anywhere. The reason you find it here is because we are extremely confident that you will be totally satisfied with the results you get from your workouts.
“The year before I started working out with the TightSpin Trainer I was getting 10-14 strikeouts a game. The next year after I spent the off season working out with the trainer I started getting 14-20+ strikeouts a game including 23 strikeouts in a 10 inning sub-state game.”

Danielle Pieroni
Goodpasture Christian School
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