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Q – My daughter is only 10 years old. Is it too early for her to workout with the TighSpin Trainer?

A – It’s never too early to begin working on spins for movement pitches. Even if your daughter isn’t throwing these pitches yet, it’s still beneficial to begin developing the muscles and memory that it takes to put the proper spin on the ball. This will gradually prepare her for throwing the pitches down the road. You may want to set the resistance on a low level until she gets a little older and stronger.

Q – How exactly does the TightSpin Trainer fastpitch softball pitching aid work?

A - There is a brake implanted within the softball. The tension adjustment knob allows you to control the resistance placed against the ball.

Q –My son is a baseball pitcher. Can he work his curveballs with the TightSpin Trainer?
A – Absolutely. We receive calls all the time from people telling us how their son has improved the snap on his curve.

Q – When is the best time to do my workouts?
A – Immediately after you finish your pitching practice. Do not do your workout before pitching because it will make your finger’s, wrists, and forearms momentarily tight.

Q – How do I add lubricant to the braking system when needed?
A – Simply pop the black cap off the top of the ball with something flat like a butter knife. Spray a very small squirt of WD-40 on the edge of the steel disc.

The TightSpin Trainer fastpitch pitching aid DVD comes free with your purchase of thewall/pole mount TightSpin Trainer. The DVD is essential to understanding how the TightSpin Trainer
works and also to instruct on how to properly use the machine.
The DVD is also available for purchase for $11.95 by clicking here.

TightSpin Trainer

The TightSpin Trainers are specifically designed to increase the speed and rate of spin on your movement pitches (riseball, dropball, curveball, and screwball.)

The TightSpin Trainer fastpitch softball pitching aid is made of quality mechanical components and should hold their value for several years.

The TightSpin Trainer Wall/Pole Mount is ideal for fastpitch softball pitchers who can’t always have someone there to hold the trainer for them. It easily mounts to any wall or pole. (see video)

Height adjustment is fast, simple, and the trainer can be placed in any rotation angle for any pitch via the angle adjustment mechanism. Yet another additional feature is the steel reinforced extension which allows more range of motion and a very comfortable workout.

In the testing phase the wall/pole mount withstood the abuse of pitching academies with 200 – 400 pitchers using it during any given week.

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